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For as many years as, precast concrete has been manufactured in Canada, precast concrete production facilities have been inviting AEC professionals, professors and students for precast concrete manufacturing plant tours.

Precast Concrete Production

Factory controlled equals factory quality: Concrete strength and quality are contingent upon the curing process. Among other things, climate control is a big part of that. By curing concrete in a factory, you can tightly control the climate to make sure that the curing process takes place under ideal conditions. That means you can be more confident in the precision of the mold and fabrication along with the strength and consistency of the cast.

Factory efficiency: In addition to quality control advantages, factory cast concrete is more efficiently manufactured, driving down costs. Because precast concrete can be fabricated using assembly line techniques, each cast requires a lot less labor and therefore costs less in labor costs.

Efficient and sustainable material use: Finally, by using precast concrete, you will be maximizing material efficiency. Because of the precision of precast concrete, material waste is minimized.

In the past 20 years CPCI in conjunction with our members
has hosted over 48,000 participants during our National Precast Day Event.

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